Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I run my pump/filter?
Filters should run 8-12 hours in the spring and summer. In the fall and winter 6-10 hours.

Should I keep my automatic cleaner hooked up all the time?
Yes, it is recommended that it stays connected all year long to catch all debris.

Why should I have my filter maintained?
Filters should be maintained at least once a year or more. Depending on the surroundings of the pool and the bather load. The filter is meant to catch the smallest particles of bacteria.

Do you do repairs and equipment replacement?
Troy's pool care & repair specializes in all areas of pool equipment and repair.

What is your stain prevention program?
Our stain prevention program uses the new eco-friendly products by Orenda Techonologies, Inc. These products will pull those metals and minerals out of your water and keep the pool stain free.

What do i do if my pool has algae growth?
There are several forms of algae and each is treated a little different. In most cases, a good, heavy shock treatment of liquid chlorine followed by a strong algaecide should eliminate most of the problem, but in some instances, more substantial treatment is required.

I am adding water constantly to my pool, do I have a leak?
Evaporation rates change throughout the season depending on temperature and humidity. Give us a call and we can give you some simple tests that you can do at home to determine if you do have a leak and where that leak may be.

Water seems to be out of balance, and causing itchy, burning eyes. What do I do?
Water out of balance upon testing and wife is complaining of itchy, burning eyes. What do I do?
Burning skin and itchy eyes can happen due to a number of things.  Water balance can be a fun process.  We recommend that you call us so we can conduct a professional analysis.  We can then recommend a treatment process that will get your pool back in beautiful and sparkling condition.


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